Steep it like a tea and sip it like a soup™

Millies Savory Teas Sipping Broth in a tea bag eases snack cravings with one savory cup

First-of-its-kind product in a new category that combines a savory snack with a green tea beverage. Created by a school teacher who needed a better snack solution between classes.†

Comes in a convenient tea bag - just add hot water and sip. Made from all vegan and gluten-free ingredients that will keep you satisfied.

We know you'll like it! - Llance and Lori

Need to be more productive at work? New studies indicate
that job performance can be enhanced by 25% with healthy
eating during the day. Avoid unhealthy snacks
with this savory alternative.

"...this tea tastes like the carefully crafted
broth your grandma used to make
on cold winter nights
" - Tea Magazine

"Sharing Mom's comfort food in a hot beverage
... a win-win for the couple behind the innovative
new Millies Savory Teas."
- Epicurious
"Iím a believer and a buyer of
Millies Savory Teas."
Vacation Gals Travel Blog


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